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Easygoing and effortless electric cycling enjoyment, even against a headwind or uphill: that's the pleasure provided by a KOGA E-bike with pedal assistance. Technically advanced thanks to unceasing innovation, and real eye-catchers thanks to their refined design.

A KOGA E-bike is an expression of elegance!

  • Perfection down to the finest detail.
  • Hand built in the Netherlands.
  • Refined design.
  • The reassurance of superb dealer service.
Koga Electric bikes for men

The Battery

The battery is one of the most important components on an electric bike. KOGA e-bikes are fitted with Li-ion battery packs with a capacity of between 350 and 500 watt-hours. As a rule of thumb, the greater the capacity in watt-hours, the greater is the range.

Koga offers various types of battery pack. You might opt for a removable battery pack which is built into the carrier rack, or a battery (either removable or fixed) built into the frame. This is a matter of taste, and might be influenced by factors including availability of charging facilities, range required, bike weight distribution considerations, and personal preference.

Charging facilities

Electric bikes with removable battery packs are very practical when there is no electrical socket near where the bicycle is parked, or for when you want to remove the battery for transport.

Charge times (from completely empty to full):
Li-ion batteries: 3 - 4 hours


KOGA e-bikes are fitted with Li-ion battery packs with a capacity of between 350 and 500 watt-hours. As a rule of thumb, the greater the capacity in watt-hours ('tanksize'), the greater is the range. But the range is also determined by many other factors, including the assistance level selected, riding conditions, ambient temperature, motor efficiency, tyre pressure, rider and luggage weight, and use of the gears.


Koga uses brushless high torque motors. These silent motors provide powerful and smooth assistance under all conditions. Koga's e-bikes are fitted with either front or rear wheel motors with torque ratings from 28 Nm to 40 Nm. With a KOGA e-bike you always have a tailwind!

How far will the bike go with assistance?

The answer to this can only ever be a guide, because the effective range depends on a number of factors. One of the most significant is the battery capacity, which is measured in Watt-hours (Wh).

As a general rule, the higher the Watt-hours figure, the greater the range. So it can be compared with the tank capacity of a car. KOGA e-bikes are equipped with a high-end battery with a capacity ranging from 317 Wh to 522 Wh.

But the range is also dependant on several other factors, including the power assist level used, riding conditions, ambient temperature, motor power, tyre pressure, rider and luggage weight, and use of the gears.

Tips to increase your range:

Ensure that the batteries are fully charged before you set off. Your battery pack is protected against overcharging, so you should leave the battery connected to the charger whenever possible.
Try to use the minimum power assist level possible.
Ensure that the tyres are always inflated to the correct pressure (as specified on the tyre sidewall).
Select a low gear. In headwinds or on hills, change down through the gears just as you would on a bike without electric assist.


Timeless, Exclusive and innovative bikes - Koga has in-house industrial and graphic designers who design the timeless, exclusive and simultaneously innovative bikes.

The design of the bikes follows a unified vision: The designer sees each bike as a single unit, within which all of the various elements must be matched to each other, to result in an exclusive and stylish end product, perfect down to the finest detail. The worth of this approach has been validated by the numerous design awards won by Koga. Recent honours include the Eurobike Gold Award 2011, Bike of the Year 2012 vote-winner, the iF Product Design Gold Award 2012 and the Red Dot Design Award 2012.


Surprisingly simple: the pedal assistance starts working just as soon as you start to pedal. The motor is built into the wheel, and it operates smoothly and silently up to the maximum legally permitted speed of 25 km/h. Higher speeds are possible, for example on downhills or with a tailwind, but not assisted via the drive system.

You can set the desired assistance level very easily using the controls alongside the hand-grips – your hands stay safely on the bars. ION models offer the following settings: Eco, Cruise, Tour, Sport and Power.

HD Display

Koga Hd electric display

All KOGA E-bikes are fitted with a high resolution display with bright blue backlighting, on which all key information can be read clearly and precisely: speed, distance and battery charge. The removable display also functions as an immobiliser, making it an excellent theft prevention feature.


With a KOGA E-Bike you are always safe on the road. Koga bikes are equipped with the latest innovations in the field of E-Bikes. For example, measuring sensors in the motor continuously monitor the number of revolutions and the force exerted on the pedals. This prevents the motor from being immediately and unexpectedly activated, so you can safely rest your feet on the pedals while you wait, for example at a traffic light. The suspension delivers a particularly uniform and cushioned ride. Since the gear change buttons are right next to the handle, you can use your E-Bike without having to let go of the handlebars.

A safe ride - Alongside the Standard ride mode, which provides assistance up to a speed of 25 km/h, there is also the Comfort Cruise Control ride mode. This mode provides assistance up to a maximum of 20 km/h, for an even safer ride feel in heavy traffic.

Koga electric bike handlebars Perfect grip - KOGA E-bikes are supplied with smart software for Intelligent Traction Control (ITC) to achieve perfect 'grip'. This means you always have the bike under control. In addition, for models with V-brakes Koga employs Brake Power Control, which helps prevent the front wheel locking up under harsh braking.

Powerful LED lighting - The lighting system is also powered from the battery pack, and if required, it switches on automatically when it gets dark, and also, for example, when you ride through a tunnel. Many KOGA e-bikes are also fitted with a daytime running light function for excellent all-day visibility in traffic. Then at dusk, the brightness of the daytime running lights diminishes and a high power LED headlight takes over, providing a superb view of the road ahead. If the battery is empty, the motor works as a dynamo so that you will never be without lights as you ride.

Automatic Recharge Technology - Some of the Li-ion bikes are equipped with the Automatic Recharge Technology (ART). Using ART the battery is partially charged when there is no force used on the pedals of the bicycle, such as riding downhill, during braking and coasting.


We offer a standard 2 year warranty on the specific components of your KOGA E-Bike (wear items excluded) in addition to a life long warranty on the frame and 10 years warranty on the paintwork. With a KOGA E-bike you can be assured that Koga will be able to deliver spare parts for the bike for many years.

Battery pack

The battery comes with a standard 2 year guarantee as well, regardless of how often it is charged. Koga advises to connect the bicycle to the charger as often as possible. The system features overcharge protection.

Koga Electric bikes for men

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