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At Cyclesense we believe electric bikes will be a major part of public travel's future. Electric bikes can help us reduce emissions, save money and improve physical and mental health. Oh yeah... they're fun as well!

What is an electric bike?

Put simply, electric bikes are bicycles equipped with a motor that provides assistance as you cycle. The motors are usually found either integrated into the cranks of the bike or in the rear wheel hub.

By UK law, motors are restricted to 250w and assistance is provided up to a speed of 25km/h (15.5mph). Once you start going over this speed the motor no longer provides any assistance.

Preparing for the next adventure aboard their MOUSTACHE Lundi electric city bike.

Who are electric bikes for?

Short answer: absolutely anybody. They are bicycles equipped with some additional assistance which can make cycling easier or simply more fun for anyone.

People are often quick to assume they're for lazy people or the elderly but this couldn't be further from the truth. It's true that they're absolutely great for an elderly person who is perhaps not as strong as they used to be, but that doesn't mean electric bikes should be limited to that; they can serve a multitude of functions. The most important to thing about e-bikes is that they're fun - this is why French electric bike specialists Moustache have dubbed their bikes smiling machines!

What could you do with an electric bike?

1. Improve your fitness

Electric bikes make cycling more accessible for people who might not usually ride a bike.

If you like the idea of riding a bike but hills are too hard or you just plain don't enjoy them, electric bikes will iron them out for you. Wherever you go on an electric bike, you still have to pedal and you still burn calories. Likewise, if your busy work and lifestyle schedule doesn't allow the time for a specific exercise regime then using an electric bike as a means of transportation allows you to make appointments on time without sweating as much as you would on a standard bike.

2. Improve your mental health & wellbeing

The mental health benefits of riding a bike are well documented. Basically, it can reduce your levels of cortisol (known as 'the stress hormone') and release more endorphins.

Carry more on an electric touring bike like the KOGA E-WorldTraveller.

Reaching new heights on the MOUSTACHE Trail 29 E-MTB

3. Go faster and further

This is especially applicable to electric mountain bikes. Riding trails on a standard mountain bike is often slow going so you can only get so far in your limited timeframe. With an E-MTB however, you can go significantly faster on the slower sections of trails; allowing you to go further and explore more of your favourite tracks.

4. Transportation

Imagine being able to carry all the things you need for work on your bike and not having to worry about how much it weighs. Imagine being able to carry the shopping home on your bike. The majority of our electric city & hybrid bikes are equipped with pannier racks so you can load 'em up with the confidence that you can use the motor's assistance to help you speed along with heavy loads.

Got the kids with you? No worries. Electric cargo bikes are equipped with a cargo hold which enables you to carry huge loads, all whilst your legs and the assistance from the motor provide you with the means to carry them.

An electric cargo bike's hold can often carry 80kg+.

5. Save money

The initial purchase price of an electric bike might seem high (although using a cycle to work scheme such as the Green Commute Initiative can make this far more manageable), but it could save you money in the long term if you're using it as an alternative transport to a car. The cost of refuelling and parking your vehicle is diminished, and replacing the parts of a car from wear and tear is usually significantly more expensive than replacing the parts on a bicycle.

6. Save the environment

Emissions from riding an e-bike are more or less the same as riding a standard bicycle. They are more than 13 times more energy efficient than cars and 6 times more efficient than rail travel. Commuting around busy city centres by bike is often quicker than by car; especially if you're buzzing round at the 15.5mph assistance limit.

Why buy an electric bike from Cyclesense

At Cyclesense we have a unique offer whereby we provide free servicing for the lifetime of any electric bike we sell (over the value of £2500). We like to keep our electric bikes in tip-top condition so once a year, or for every 5,000 miles travelled, we will service the bike free of charge. The full conditions of this offer can be found here.

We've been dealing in electric bikes since they first started and have seen the immeasurable evolutions over the years. There's no hard sell involved and our team are equipped with the knowledge to make sure you go away with the right bike for your needs.

Quality and reliability is everything when it comes to electric bikes; that's why we've really taken the time to compile a range that meets our high standards. All of the brands we stock can be counted on and we simply refuse to stock bikes that aren't fit for purpose.

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