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Electric cargo bikes & trikes in Yorkshire

Cargo bikes & electric cargo bikes are huge in Europe, with cycling being central to sustainable urban mobility in the likes of Denmark and the Netherlands. Many families have them in place of a second car or indeed in place of any car at all.

In the UK they haven't been as popular. We tried to bring in non-electric cargo bikes in the mid-noughties, but with our generally hilly terrain they were too difficult to use. Now though, the advancement of electric bikes means that we have reliable and powerful motors to help iron out gradients and make it much easier.

We're now bringing e-cargo bikes to Yorkshire, with the convenient ability for you to come and try before you buy. We currently have both two and three-wheel options to try, so you can see which system suits you most.

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Organise an e-cargo bike demo!

If you'd like to come and try out an e-cargo bike, please contact us either by emailing or calling 01937 830 661.

Benefits of E-Cargo Bikes


Cycling has obvious physical health benefits and whilst the powerful electric motors on our cargo bikes have the oomph needed to help you get up the hills, you will still get a good workout if you wish, with various levels of motor assistance from Eco+ to Turbo.

Cycling also has various mental health benefits; it reduces your levels of cortisol (known as 'the stress hormone'), instead releasing more "feel-good" endorphins.

From a health perspective the cargo bike beats the car times a million!


The environmental benefits of riding a bike vs driving a car are irrefutable. Emissions from riding an e-bike are more or less the same as riding a standard bicycle. They are more than 13 times more energy efficient than cars and 6 times more efficient than rail travel. Commuting around busy city centres by bike is often quicker than by car, especially if you're buzzing round at the 15.5mph assistance limit.

Many delivery companies are now using e-cargo bikes in UK cities in their attempts to be more environmentally responsible. With this, they have also improved delivery times because short journeys are often quicker by bicycle in congested areas.


E-Cargo bikes aren't cheap, but they are a lot cheaper than a new car. Not just that, but the running costs are drastically lower.

Citro├źn C1 vs. Babboe Curve-E

Economical car vs electric Babboe cargo bike
Per month:
Repair: £43,00 £20,00
Fixed charges: £72,00 £8,00
Petrol costs / Electronics: £100,00 £2.50
Maintenance: £92,00 £3.75
Value decrease; £114,00 £24,00
Total: £421,00 £58,25

Source: ADAC 2018

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